Farmers markets

 From  gonetomorrow00  on Flickr

From gonetomorrow00 on Flickr

Lewes farmers market

This is one of the best farmers markets in Sussex, in my opinion and it looks like the Sussex Food and Drink Awards agree. Currently it is the first Saturday of every month in Lewes, East Sussex. It is a small market but packs a punch in the range of items they offer. 

Edinburgh farmers market

Even if you're just visiting Edinburgh, the market, which sits in the shadow of the castle, is very much worth a visit. It's much larger than our favourite Lewes market and sells an excellent range of Scottish produce. In the late summer, it is the place to find boar's meat. But it goes fast. Don't get greedy like the saints did and leave a brilliant cut of this rarity to find something better. It's guaranteed not be there when you get back.