Pelourinho, Salvador do Bahia by  Mellagi  on Flickr

Pelourinho, Salvador do Bahia by Mellagi on Flickr

My husband and I were living in Brazil and on a short holiday to Salvador do Bahía in the north when we came up with the name drunkensaints. In Brazil, especially in Bahia, the saints, far from being examples of sacrifice and suffering, know the value of enjoying life and a good meal. Such is the appreciation of food, drink, enjoying life and taking it slow, that even the gods are offered delicious food, cigars and copious amounts of rum. We liked that idea.

We now live in the South East England which is a bit less colourful but no less full of good things to eat and drink. Sussex, where we live, is covered with farms and countryside so there’s everything from an incredible selection of seasonal vegetables, to fresh game throughout the year, to good cider. It's also got a population of restaurants, cafe and pub owners who are always experimenting with something new.  Beyond that, it's a brilliant place to live for quick visits to Europe.

More than anything, we love food, cooking, travel and good things to drink.  A trip is not done until we bring something back whether it’s a new ingredient, a recipe, or a whole new way of cooking.

Life is not always perfect, but around our table it is.